What We Do

advice, strategy

  • Strategic analysis and advice
  • Alternative perspectives and networks
  • A sounding board for leaders, boards or investors
  • Technical research

practical help

  • Strategic review. Strategy development
  • Reviews of investment rationale, financial modelling, investment documentation
  • Deal execution / Due Diligence / Risk Assessment
  • Investment committees, Investor Director/ NED roles
  • FCA approved person roles/ Investment Team or Advisor

capital raising

  • Fundraising strategy and introductions
  • Practical advice on process and readiness
  • Networks
  • Preparation, data and process

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Viridis?

Latin for ‘green’, and ‘fresh, lively, youthful’, and we like how it sounds.

Are you consultants or investors?

Can be both, or either.

not sure what I need – can we discuss?

Always happy to have an informal discussion. If we can’t assist, we may know others who can.